Whistleblowing software

User-friendly software for receiving and managing whistleblowing cases. With Qnister Whistle, you set up a whistleblower function tailored to your organization. 

  • One or multiple channels for information and reporting
  • Follow-up page for anonymous communication between whistleblowers and receivers
  • Case management for received reports
  • The service is adapted to your graphic identity and is available in a variety of languages

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Secure whistleblowing management with Qnister Whistle


Receive reports in the case manager

The case manager receives all potential whistleblowers in one place. Here is a safe area to handle, assess and manage the reports.

Här nås även chatten för att kunna kommunicera anonymt och dela filer med visselblåsaren. Det görs via uppföljningsvyn som visselblåsaren erbjuds att logga in i.

The chat is also accessible here to be able to communicate anonymously and share files with the whistleblower. This is done via the follow-up view in which the whistleblower is offered to log in.

Support functionality such as authorization control in levels down to individual cases, safety logs of performed activity and marking for automatic thinning according to legal requirements means that the system helps you handle the process as secure as possible.

All storage in Swedish data centers

Anonymous and cookie free

Complies with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

WCAG 2.1 compatible

Don't worry about monitoring and assessment!

Add our receiver function to your whistleblower system. Resolve the issue of surveillance and get access to independent assessment. 

With us as recipients, everything is included in Qnister Whistle and also a lawyer who receives, makes an initial assessment and gives feedback to you as an organization – and to the whistleblower according to the legal requirements.

All at a fixed price. In addition, if necessary, we have a dialogue with the whistleblower for any follow-up questions, and are then available for legal support and further action.

The investigative function in Qnister Whistle is handled by our own lawyers with experience from global group companies as well as growth companies, government agencies, law firms and auditing firms.

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Created by the lawyers at Insatt

The softwares in Qnister are part of our vision to change the legal industry and challenge a conservative consulting industry. By experienced lawyers at Insatt AB.

At Insatt, we work proactively to set structures to prevent problems even before they arise, and you get tangible tools to improve the process. As your lawyer, we help you prioritize the risks and are on site in your business, with clear answers to questions without hassle. Read more about us at insatt.com.


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