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About us

The idea for Qnister was born when the corporate lawyers at Insatt focused on the GDPR to help their clients. Our founders Anna-Lena and Emelie realized that with the right systematics and pedagogy, they could help customers work with GDPR themselves. The result was Qnister GDPR, a cloud service that step by step creates structure in the GDPR work without the client needing to be a lawyer to understand what needs to be done.

Since then, Qnister has developed more services and products that support companies in compliance. We often say that we are unusually creative to be a little square. We think inside the box, so you can continue to think outside.

Our founders


We love collaborations

Want to offer your customers our digital solutions? We are happy to collaborate with other companies in for example HR, economics or legal. Contact us to talk more.

We love collaborations

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