Whistleblowing software

Are you ready for the upcoming requirements? Qnister Whistle is our secure and anonymous whistleblowing system for receiving and managing whistleblowing cases. User-friendly and organized – all in accordance to the whistleblowing directive.

  • Anonymous and legally secure
  • Easy administration
  • All information about the case in one place
  • Tailored for your organization
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Trusted by more than 500 companies

Guidance for the whistleblower

The whistleblower is guided through the system with questions and clarifying text if necessary.

  • Information about whistleblowing
  • Completely anonymous
  • Attach files around the case
  • Multiple languages

Easy for the receiver

With our whistleblower system, everything is handled in one place – to make it as easy as possible for the receiver. Connect multiple users, assign access and chat anonymously with the whistleblower.

  • Everything about the case in one place
  • Authorization control
  • Statistics
  • Export reports

Efficient and secure with anonymity

Our whistleblowing software meets the requirements of the whistleblowing directive and GDPR. In addition, the whistleblower is given the opportunity to report anonymously.

  • Anonymous reporting channels
  • Reports are encrypted, and no addresses can be tracked
  • The system meets the requirements of the GDPR
  • Data storage in Sweden

What is whistleblowing?

EU directive for whistleblowing in Swedish legislation

In 2019, the Whistleblower Directive was adopted within the EU, which aims to strengthen control of EU rules and that there is a high level of protection for people who report violations of these. The directive has been implemented in Sweden through a law (2021: 890) on the protection of persons who report malpractice (the Whistleblower Act). The law entered into force on 17 December 2021 and covers all types of activities, regardless of the form of association. Authorities are also covered by the law.

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Let us handle your incoming cases

Add our receiver function to your whistleblower system. Resolve the issue of monitoring and access to independent assessment.

With us as recipients, you get an assigned lawyer who receives , makes an initial assessment and gives feedback to you – and to the whistleblower according to the legal requirements. If necessary, we have a dialogue with the whistleblower and are available for legal support and further action.

The investigation function is handled by our own lawyers with experience from global group companies, authorities, the public prosecutor's office and law and auditing firms.

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"When we were to choose an external supplier for our whistleblower system, we got a good impression of Qnister from start to finish, and we have continued to get a good impression during our time as their customer."

Johan Fagerlund Sjöberg, Corporate Lawyer, Stockwik Förvaltning AB

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We have the answers

Do you have any questions? Get answers to the most common questions our customers ask.

Can a report be submitted orally?

Yes. On the report page, there are options for the informant to report by telephone by recording a voice message or booking a meeting with the recipient.

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Does the whistleblower system meet the requirements of the GDPR?

Yes. We have extensive experience of working with GDPR and data protection and ensure that the whistleblower system follows current rules in the area.

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Who receives the whistle reports?

You can choose to be the recipient yourself and appoint someone within the organization who is authorized to handle incoming cases. You can also...

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