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Qnister's social media policy

Qnister AB, business registration number 559116-6433, (“we, “our”, “us”, “Qnister”) is responsible for our official social media platforms. In case of any questions, please send us an e-mail to For our other contact details, please visit

We strive to be as open and transparent as possible on social media, which means that the company name shall be stated clearly when we post on social media platforms.

We cherish freedom of speech, but do not tolerate all types of content. Because of that, we reserve the right to delete posts or comments that we consider threatening, insulting, offensive, an attack at ethnic groups or specific individuals, violating prevailing legislation, or posts or comments containing sexist expressions, violent depictions, pornography, or copyrighted material. Moreover, we thin out posts and comments violating the prevailing data protection regulations regarding personal data. We respect copyright laws, meaning that we do not publish any pictures, texts, or films without permission.

If we would make a mistake on our social media, we will deal with the situation in an open manner describing what happened. We will inform you about the incorrectness(es) and explain why the mistake took place. If there were any incorrect facts stated in the text, we will indicate which facts that have been corrected instead of hiding the mistake.

If you have any opinions or complaints about the content on our social media, please contact