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Search in sanction lists

Qnister Screening makes it easy to find blacklisted companies and individuals. Search multiple lists at once and see if there are sanctions that could affect your collaboration with a particular actor.

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  • All sanction registers within the EU, UK, Switzerland and the UN

Find out if actors have sanctions issued against them

Through a simple search in Qnister Screening, you can find out if a person or company currently has sanctions issued against them. It can help you to determine how a possible collaboration with the actor can be affected.

If your search is listed in one of the registers, you will be immediately informed and can see which register or registers are relevant.

två kvinnor med olika hårfärger på Elmiafältet som skulle kunna vara visselblåsare

What are sanctions?

Sanctions are issued to restrict a state, group or individuals

Sanctions impose restrictions on the freedom of action of a state, a group or individuals through a unilateral decision of one state or collective decision of other states. This is because the states want to try to influence the behavior of the state, group or individual through various economic and political measures.

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Prices Screening

Prices Screening

We have the answers

Do you have any questions? Get answers to the most common questions our customers ask.

Can you see if someone has been listed in a list before but has been removed?

Yes, if an actor has been listed before, you will get a search result with the word "inactive". To find out when and for how long the actor has been listed, you need...

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What does it mean if no hit comes up?

If you do not get a hit, it means that the actor is not listed in any of our linked registers. However, this does not necessarily exclude the actor from being on another...

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Which sanction lists do Qnister Screening search?

We search in all sanction registers within the EU, the UK, Switzerland, and the UN at the same time.

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