Support in your role as Data Protection Officer

Qnister helps you with knowledge support in your role as data protection officer. 

As data protection specialists, we assist with everything from investigating questions and opinions from employees or the general public, to situation analyzes of data protection work and internal controls of the organization's compliance with the GDPR. 

At Qnister, we have experienced data protection specialists with many years of working with data protection issues in both the public and private sectors. In addtion to acting as a DPO themselves, we offer support to other DPO's. We are happy to assist with our knowledge about the GDPR and its application. For example:

  • Situation analysis
  • Internal control of compliance with the GDPR
  • Knowledge support for issues related to the GDPR and other data protection leglislations
  • Investigation of questions from employees or the public
  • On-call contact at e.g. personal data breaches
  • Assists in investigating suspected data breaches
  • Impact assessment of data protection and monitoring of implementation

Contact us and we will let you know how we can support you on the DPO issue. 

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