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Our vision is to change the conservative industry that the law firm actually is. As a first step in our vision, the Qnister GDPR software was developed.

The idea of the GDPR software was born when the corporate lawyers at Insatt AB started to investigate the GDPR and how it was going to effect their customers. Soon they realized that with the right systematics and explanations the customers themselves would be able to handle many aspects of the GDPR. The result became the Qnister GDPR software, a cloud service that creates structure in the GDPR work. The software does not require the customer to be a lawyer in order to understand what needs to be done.

From then, Qnister has developed into a comprehensive supplier of products and services linked to data protection and the GDPR. We believe it should be easy to comply with the GDPR.

Qnister is founded by unsually creative lawyers 

Anna-Lena Isaksson

Anna-Lena Isaksson

Emelie Terlinder

Emelie Terlinder

Founder of Qnister

[email protected]

Qnister GDPR

Qnister GDPR is the cloud service helps you to become GDPR compliant and keeps you updated about the regulation.

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