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La IMY inicia una inspección de la Región de Uppsala

10 oktober 2023

La Autoridad Sueca para la Protección de la Privacidad (IMY) inicia otra inspección sobre el uso del correo electrónico por parte de la región de Uppsala.

The purpose of the scrutiny is to determine whether the region has considered the patients right to integrity to the extent necessary when using the e-mail service Outlook. Personal data revealing information about a data subject’s health is classified as sensitive personal data, meaning that the data must be handled carefully implementing safety measures. Hence, the objective of the IMY investigation is to find out if this has been the case in Region Uppsala’s use of e-mail.

Footnote: In January 2022, the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection issued an administrative fine of 1.9 MSEK against Region Uppsala due to deficient safety measures in their use of e-mail.