Simplified compliance is our thing.

We are passionate about making complicated things easy. And we know that all companies and organizations are passionate about their core business, and rather would spend time on managing their business than familiarize themselves with all the laws and regulations that comes with it.  

Qnister is founded by unusally creative corporate lawyers and our vision is to simplify compliance and digitalize the conservative law industry. 

As a first step, we developed products and services linked to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but our plans extend beyond that. We will keep thinking inside the box, so you can continue to think outside it. 


Why reinvent the wheel? We know that you rather spend time on other things. That is why we want to make it as easy as possible for you. With our products and services you do not have to be a lawyer to understand how law works. 


With Qnister, you get all legal knowledge packaged in a lighter format. As a customer, you can feel confident that we keep track of the laws and regulations, so you can continue to keep track of your business. 


With both feet on the ground and a passion for what we do, we develop products and services that facilitate your business. Keeping our customers satisfied are one of our common values and we let it saturate everything we do.

Our products and services

The idea for our first product was born when the corporate lawyers of Insatt AB began to acquaint themselves with the legal text of GDPR, in an effort to help their customers. With the right systematic pedagogy, they realized that customers could work with the GDPR themselves. 

Since then, Qnister have developed  into a complete supplier of products and services connected to the GDPR. Now Qnister takes the next step... 

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