Situation Analysis and Audit

Get an overview of the regulatory compliance in your organization. The purpose of the situation analysis is to map out how the organization processes personal data and determine how it fulfills the legal requirments according to the GDPR. When the analysis is complete, a written report is sent to the management of the organization. 

We collaborate with experienced IT-specialists which mean that the situation analysis can be carried out from both an IT-security point of view and a legal perspective. 

Yearly audit of data protection. 

At the annual audit of the organizations compliance with the GDPR and other applicable data protection leglislations, we at Qnister can assist. You get the chance to walk beside our experienced data protection specialist who will give you the tools necessary for you to eventually preform the audit yourself. We provide a written report to the organization's management regarding defiencies and development needs. 

The audit within the framework of a GDPR audit will be based on individual data subjects and the processing of their sensitive personal data. Sensitive personal data and personal data about children are more protective and require a higher degree of security than other types of personal data. 

What to review?

Qnisters currently reviews 12 main areas, for example:

  • Policies and governance documents: what policices and processes are in place?
  • Integration into business processes: How is personal data handled in e-mails?
  • Information security: An overview of the data flows that exists between different IT systems. 
  • Personal data breach management: Is a data breach response plan implemented?
  • Information: Correct information is provided to data subjects when collecting personal data. 

Do you want to know more?

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