Qnister GDPR

Qnister GDPR is an online software that guides the user through the GDPR regulation, while ensuring that all GDPR information is gathered in one place. A simple way to work with data protection routines. 

Step by step you answer questions about your business and your systems, and out of that you'll get a result including everything you need - checklists, templates and agreements. Qnister GDPR contains the documentation you must establish and creates your article-30 registry (a registry of your registry) that the regulation requires of you. Based on your answers, Qnister GDPR provides you with recommendations suited for your business.

We've not made it easy for us. But for you.

You will quickly realize that with Qnister the GDPR work becomes easy. What you need to keep track of is your own business. You shouldn't have to be a lawyer to understand, which is why we created Qnister GDPR.

Qnister GDPR mini

Qnister GDPR mini

Our smallest license, perfect for associations and small companies that want to manage their personal data management. 1 company, 1 user.


Qnister GDPR by Default

Qnister GDPR by Default

Basic License to Qnister GDPR, including all templates and documents. Available in English. Possibility of optional services.

Qnister GDPR by Design

Qnister GDPR by Design

Extended license to Qnister GDPR, which in addition to the content of the basic license, By Default, includes permission management, reports and notifications.

Legal support

Do you need additional support and counsel in your data protection work? With our legal support package you will recieve guidance on data protection related issues. For example, it may be helpful when reviewing your existing GDPR-work or when you have questions regarding processing agreements. Qnister's legal support will help you through all the steps required by the GDPR.

You can buy our legal support package of 1, 3, 6 or 10 hours. The support is provided to you by phone, email or Skype. All in order for us to be as easily accesible to you when questions arises - and at a fixed price. 


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Get a picture of how the software works and how you in simple steps can become GDPR-secured. 

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