Qnister makes GDPR easy


Qnister GDPR

Qnister GDPR is the tool that guides the user through the GDPR and makes sure to gather all your GDPR information in one place. Available in three licenses. 

Data Protection Officer

Does your organization need to appoint a Data Protection Officer? At Qnister, we offer data protection specialists, experienced with years of working with data and privacy policies. 


We offer both e-learning and on-site training. Educate yourself and your staff - well-functioning routines and long-term work require everyone to be up to date with the process of managing personal data. 

Whistleblowing system

Qnister Whistle helps your organization to promote a safe and open work environment. 

Situation Analysis & Audit

We help your organization to get a overview of your compliance work. This is both implemented from a legal- and IT-perspective in order to comply with the GDPR and other data protection leglisation. 

Legal Support

We work with data protection specialists and lawyers who support you in your role as a data protection officer, or in your work with the GDPR-tool. What are the needs in your organization? 

We think inside the box, so you can keep thinking outside.