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Qnister GDPR is an online software that guides the user through the GDPR regulation, while ensuring that all GDPR information is gathered in one place. A simple way to work with data protection routines. 

Step by step you answer questions about your business and your systems, and out of that you'll get a result including everything you need - checklists, templates and agreements. Qnister GDPR contains the documentation you must establish and creates your article-30 registry (a registry of your registry) that the regulation requires of you. Based on your answers, Qnister GDPR provides you with recommendations suited for your business.

You will quickly realize that with Qnister the GDPR work becomes easy. What you need to keep track of is your own business. You shouldn't have to be a lawyer to understand, which is why we created Qnister GDPR.

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Qnister's software for data protection

Developed by corporate lawyers

Used by over 500 organisations

Two separate modules

Multiple levels of license

Module in the software:

Register and manage

The place for registration and documentation of data in accordance to data protection regulations.

In the module Register and manage, you get all you need for managing your data protection: check lists, templates, contracts and knowledge. Step-by-step we take you through a series of questions about your business and your systems, so we can give you recommendations that are tailored to your business. 

The tool creates the register that according to the regulation must be in place, and shows which documentation you must create and which document templates you can use. You have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, assign different authorization levels and work in a structured way with revision and follow-up of your register.

Module in the system:

Review and follow-up

Document your review and follow-up of the data protection work.

In the module Review and follow-up, you can create current situation analyzes, selected areas for review and follow-up on these. The system gives you an idea of the status of different focus areas and you have the opportunity to create annual reports on your data protection work. You will also receive guidance in reviewing contracts and documents.

The tool is a support for the personal data controller in living up to the responsibility – the requirement to be able to show that the requirements of the GDPR are complied with – and streamlines, quality assures and standardizes follow-ups on your data protection work.

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As user of our software, you get the latest news and updates on GDPR directly to your inbox. We keep you updated on what's happening in the world of GDPR, so you don't have to.

We do external monitoring on everything regarding data protection and GDPR, and send our members what's important, for example new guidances, latest news around the globe and current verdicts.

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