Basic course in the GDPR

Good routines requires that everyone knows how to handle personal data. Join our basic course in GDPR -an easy and effective way get everyone on board.

With our e-learning course you can educate yourself and your colleagues about the GDPR; what personal data is and the most central requirements of the regulation. Our online course makes it easy to spread knowledge about the GDPR in your organization.

Our e-learning course is available in Swedish and English. 

The course is simple and effective.

The course is simple and effective.

30 minutes divided into three parts. The course can be done on the computer or mobile at home or in the office. You'll get to see three short films and answer a couple of questions after each part. 

Reach out to the entire working group.

Reach out to the entire working group.

You are appointed a course administrator who will be the one who can assign employees to the course, and also follow the progress of who completed the education. 

The employees are the key figures.

The employees are the key figures.

Ignorance is one of the organizations' major threats. Employee awareness prevents incidents and minimizes risks. Educate in GDPR.

Do you want to educate your employees in an easy and effective way?


  • Background to the legislation
  • What is personal data
  • The responsibilites of the controller and processor
  • General principles of the GDPR
  • When processing is permissible
  • Special categories of data
  • Data Protection Officer
  • The rights of the data subject
  • IT security and personal data breaches
  • Data protection by design and by defualt

A conscious employee responds if routines are not followed and recognizes signs of a personal data breach. 

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