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To find someone within the organization who is suitable to be a Data Protection Officer can often be unnecessarily difficult and require a lot of resources.

Let Qnister act on your behalf as a Data Protection Officer in your organization. We have data protection specialists with many years of experience working with personal data management.

Many organizations that handle personal data are, according to the GDPR, required to appoint a DPO, short for Data Protection Officer. The overall and most important task of a DPO is to monitor that the organization complies with the GDPR and to act as a contact person to the data subjects. 

Important to keep in mind is that the DPO must be able to work independently and not handle personal data within the organization. Another important part is that the DPO should have good knowledge of the GDPR and how it affects the organization.

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Why a Data Protection Officer outside of the organization?


The data protection officer must be able to work without being influenced by others within the organization

Right resources

The Data Protection Officer must have the resources to be able to perform his or her tasks within the organization

Expert in GDPR

The Data Protection Officer must have very good knowledge of data protection legislation and be continuously further trained

Practical experience

The data protection officer must have the ability to lift and establish a data protection culture within the organization

Data Protection Officer – basic offer

As a data protection representative in your organization, we perform the following as standard:

  • Registration as a Data Protection Officer with the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection
  • Annual follow-up of the organization's compliance with the GDPR and other applicable data protection legislation
  • Annual report to the organization's management regarding statistics, shortcomings, development needs and review of business-critical management documents
  • Half-yearly follow-up of submitted report
  • Annual half-day training in GDPR based on latest practice and recommendations from the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection and the European Data Protection Board
  • Monthly e-mail brodcasts with global news about data protection and GDPR

When the need arises, we are there for you

In addition to the basic offer, the following services are offered when needed:

  • Advisors available via email or telephone for questions regarding GDPR and other data protection legislation
  • Contact person for registered and manages questions and feedback from employees or the public, and decides whether these issues need to be analyzed and investigated further and if necessary forwarded to the company for action
  • Works as an advisor in the event of personal data incidents
  • Provides advice on request regarding impact assessment of data protection and monitors implementation
  • Is the contact point for the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection

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Who needs to appoint a Data Protection Officer?

Many different types of organizations are required to appoint a Data Protection Officer. If any of the following applies to your business, you certainly need a data protection officer:

  • is a public organization
  • processes sensitive personal data on a large scale
  • contains tracking and profiling on the internet
  • performs profiling for risk assessments
  • has position tracking in mobile apps
  • has a loyalty program
  • have surveillance cameras
  • provides connected devices, such as smart meters (Internet of Things, IoT)