E-learning about the GDPR

Good routines requires that everyone knows how to handle personal data. With our e-learning about the GDPR you'll in an easy and effective way get everyone on board.

Educate yourself and your colleagues about the GDPR; what personal data is and the most central requirements of the regulation. Our online course makes it easy to spread knowledge about the GDPR in your organization.


Pictures from the course

Pictures from the course.

About the course

In 30 minutes you'll get to see three movies and take three quizzes. The course can be done in the computer or mobile, at home or in the office. And as an organization you can see statistics on which colleagues who have completed the course.

Our e-learning is available in English and Swedish.



  • Background to the legislation
  • What is personal data
  • The responsibilities of the controller and the processor
  • General principles of DGPR
  • When processing is permissible
  • Special categories of data
  • Data Protection Officer
  • The rights of the data subject
  • IT security and personal data breaches
  • Data protection by default and by default


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